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  • Biography of Elon Musk
  • Notice of Dance Competition
  • Process of Making Tea stepwise
  • Letter to the principal for ……

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Flash AI creative writing' ?

Flash AI creative writing is a powerful AI tool prepared by Flash Education Team.

What is the purpose of 'Flash AI Creative Writing'?

A Student Can use this tool to generate Essay, Letter, Biography, Process Writing and Many more things. All Creative writings are possible with this tool.

How to use 'Flash AI creative writing' ?

Using this tool is very simple. Just enter your "category with topic" like - Biography of Elon Musk, Notice of Dance Competition, process of Making Tea stepwise, Letter to the principal for ...... etc.

What is 'Category' and 'Topic'?

For example: In Biography of Elon Musk - Category is 'Biography' and Topic is 'Elon Musk'.