Differentiate between infrasonic, sonic, ultrasonic and supersonic sounds.



Infrasonic sounds Sonic sounds Ultrasonic sounds Supersonic sounds
The sound of frequency less than 20 Hz is called infrasonic sound. The sound of frequency in the range 20 Hz to 20 kHz is called the sonic or audible sound. The sound of frequency greater than 20 kHz is called ultrasonic sound. Supersonic sound refers to sound waves generated by a source that travels faster than the speed of sound in a particular medium.
Infrasonic sound is produced by some animals (e.g. Elephants, Whales) and certain industrial processes. Sonic sounds are within the range of human hearing. Day to day sounds that we hear like speech, music, and environmental noises are examples of sonic sounds. Ultrasonic sounds are used in medical imaging, industrial testing and cleaning processes. Some animals, such as bats and dolphins produce ultrasonic sound for communication and navigation. Supersonic sounds are produced by aircraft or bullet train travelling faster than the speed of sound and certain experimental situations.

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