How is longitude related to time? Explain with examples



Longitude is closely related to time because the rotation of the Earth around its axis causes the sun to appear to rise and set at different times in different parts of the world. To account for this, the Earth has been divided into 24 time zones, each one covering 15 degrees of longitude, with the Prime Meridian at 0 degrees longitude serving as the reference point for determining the time.

For example, if it is noon at the Prime Meridian, which passes through Greenwich, London, it will be 5:30 PM in India, which lies in the time zone 82.5 degrees east of the Prime Meridian. Similarly, if it is midnight at the Prime Meridian, it will be 7:00 PM in New York, which lies in the time zone 75 degrees west of the Prime Meridian.

Longitude is used to determine the difference in time between two places on Earth, which is crucial for scheduling events, transportation, and communication across different time zones.

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