What are 3R’s ? How should we adopt them ? Explain.



The 3R’s are:

a. Reduce the production of wastes.

b. Reuse the wastes.

c. Recycle the wastes

a. Reduce

i. We should avoid plastic bags and carry our own cloth bags while going            for shopping.

ii. We should avoid using disposable plastic and paper items.

iii. We should take only what we can consume during taking meals.

iv. We should use both sides of a paper.

v. We should use paper products made from recycled paper.

b. Reuse

i. We should reuse plastic items like bags, bottles, cups, etc.

ii. We should reuse empty glass bottles as containers for storing things.

iii. We should reuse old cloth, jute or paper bags instead of using new   plastic bags.

iv. We should donate instead of throwing away clothes, etc. We should

donate them, as these items can be reused.

c. Recycle

i. Old newspapers can be recycled to make tissue paper and cardboard.

ii. Organic waste (from plant/food sources) can be allowed to rot and   manure can be prepared.

iii. Recycling of glass, plastics, aluminium cans and other metals should be           encouraged to produce useful products.

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