What is the effect of noise pollution on humans and animals?



Effect of noise pollution on humans:

  1. Psychological Health: Unwanted noise can lead to high-stress levels, hypertension, and severe depression in humans.
  2. Physical Health: Noise pollution can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, and sleep disturbances, and may contribute to cardiovascular effects.
  3. Annoyance and Irritation: High noise levels can be a cause of annoyance and may lead to panic attacks in some individuals.

Effect of noise pollution on animals:

  1. Nervous System Damage: Noise pollution can damage the nervous system of animals, leading to loss of control over their behaviour.
  2. Disruption of Normal Activity: High-frequency sounds can disturb animals and hamper their normal activities.
  3. Reproduction and Navigation: Noise pollution can have detrimental effects on wild animals, affecting their reproduction and navigation abilities.

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