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Write an original short story based on the following

Write an original short story based on the following: “True friend are like diamonds, precious and rare, False friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere.”

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The sports and Athletics section of the college was in a mess. Colossal (= of giant proportion) embezzlements (= misappropriation of funds), neglect of sports equipment and similar other lapses were eating into its vitals (= life-giving elements). There were faint murmurs among the students when the college got a new and determined Principal.

Sharadindu was unwilling to accept the post of the Athletic

President, but he could not curtly (= in a rough manner) set aside his Principal’s appeal. The annual athletic sports and games were neigh (= near). The Principal told Sharadindu that it was his acid test.

Sharadindu decided to conduct the events with the help of his trusted colleagues, whom he considered to be like-minded and of proven worth. They were: Krishnendu, Ranjan, Paritosh and Bikash.

Of the lot (= group) above, Sharadindu was the youngest. He had lost his father early in life and was thrown upon his grandfather who was a noted advocate in the Bar. Naturally, he was never in want. On the contrary, his friends knew that his salary – a small pittance (= negligible amount) – was, in a way his pocket expense. The Rai Bahadur, his grandfather, maintained him as ever, service or no service.

His friends were seriously active in finding a good residence for him. Paritosh obtained for him a good cook-cum-servant. The Rai Bahadur once came in his car to see how his charge (= boy that was his responsibility) was doing. He saw the four friends and felt at rest. In time Sharadindu’s house becomes a regular adda (= gossip- centre). Not the four alone, even others followed suit.

Needless to mention that all these preceded the athletic event. However, the five sat together to sort out the problems. The principal amount was, naturally, entrusted to Sharadindu in a cheque. In the instance of Paritosh, the PTI (Physical Training Instructor) was given a small sum for the dressing of the field. Sharadindu found him a hard-working young man. He was poor apparently and seemed little to betray. But, poverty sometimes, compels a man, Sharadindu thought. Moreover, all four of his trustworthy friends could not be disbelieved. In one voice they

spoke against him. “Ranjan, should we not give our PTI part of the prizes to be purchased? It will lessen our burden, too.” Sharadindu suggested.

“Sharat, you don’t know these low-bred creatures. You know, he is brash and impertinent. He lives on commissions, and do you know, his friend maintains a sports emporium. Nonsense, Emporium! My foot – a ghost of a shop to smuggle (= pass on illegally) fake stuff”. Ranjan’s language and mood seemed too genuine for his friend to doubt. After a while, again he said, “Our new Principal would have sacked (dismissed) him for all that he is worth but for Paritosh.”

Two days before the ‘Final’ day. The events were conducted well up to the day of the ‘Heat’-a a sure mark of the competence and sincere labour of the PTI. Sharadindu knocked at Krishnendu’s Malabika, and his wife responded. At seeing him she became excited to show him the object. “Come, come, and see our new acquisition.” She brought out a dainty ‘Sumit Mixer’.

Krishnendu remarked, as he came out of the toilet, “Women are indeed nitwits (= lacking common intelligence) Sharat. Instead of showing, why not give him a milk shake, chum (= an endearing term).”

The two talked about their days in the field, as Malabika went into the kitchen.

Sharadindu put in abruptly, “The results are coming in my friend, but there’s a snag. I checked the enrolment chart of the competition. One fellow, who runs close to our Champion, appears to be a spurious (= not genuine) candidate.

“Doesn’t he have the admit card?”

“He has but seems to be a managed one. Paritosh…”

Sharadindu paused. He felt something was really wrong.

The day of the ‘Final’ and prize-giving arrived. In a hastily convened meeting of the Sports committee, Sharadindu placed the Principal’s order that summarily (= without observing details) debarred Pronoy Chatterjee from taking part in the events of the day. He was declared to be an ‘outsider’.

Among others in the committee – apart from Sharadindu’s trusted four-there was also Prabhas Karmakar. He was also the admission-in-charge of the college and the Principal’s nominee.

The Principal’s order cleared the clouds gathering over the championship. But the four of Sharadindu’s trust (= faith) and confidence looked visibly disturbed. They could hardly face him as before.

The day after the Final Sharadindu was packing for his home in the evening. His friends seemed a bit withdrawn and he needed a change. Prabhas Karmakar knocked and came in.

“Going home?” asked Prabhas.

“Yes, Prabhas and you are my real friend in distress. I was so scared about Pronoy!”

“I could have warned you earlier. All your trusted friends are fair-weather friends. Before you came in Krishnendu was the President, an expert in mishandling things. I don’t know for certain, but I’ve heard that he has managed a ‘mixer’ from the supplier of prizes.”

The details of Prabhas stabbed the listener in mute (=dumb) realization.

“There’s more. Krishnendu has a sister-in-law with whom Paritosh has an illicit affair. He writes her letters and seldom brings his wife here. And …,” Prabhas paused for effect, “to crown all, your Pronoy is her brother…. I might have cautioned you, but I found you happy with them. They have this merit, I must say. They befriend, help and revel (= enjoy). I thought it was unwise to put a spoke in the wheel (= create an obstacle). But, henceforth, be careful. Remember: False friends are plenty as autumn leaves, but a true friend is like a diamond, precious and rare.”

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