Write a letter for me to a pen friend in about 120 about recent visit to a place of your interest

DGP Nagar,


2 Jan, 2024

Dear Rakesh,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I’m excited to share the wonderful experience of my recent visit to the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. The majestic structure, surrounded by lush green gardens, was truly awe-inspiring. Inside, the exhibitions and historical artefacts provided a fascinating glimpse into our rich heritage and the lives of people in the past.

As I strolled through the well-maintained gardens, a sense of pride and joy filled me. The peaceful atmosphere and the view of the memorial were simply breathtaking. I couldn’t help but wish you were there to share in the beauty and history.

I’m eager to catch up on your life and hear about your recent experiences. Looking forward to your reply.

Yours loving

[Your Name]

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