Autobiography of pencil

Autobiography of Pencil in simple english

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Autobiography of pencil within 100 words

I am a pencil. I was made from wood and graphite in a factory. My job is to make marks on paper so that people can write, draw, or make art. People use me to create things like stories, ideas, and pictures. I have been sharpened many times so that I can make a fine point. I am a simple tool, but I am important to many people.

Autobiography of pencil within 200 words

I am a pencil, a basic tool that has been used by people for a long time. I was created in a factory from wood and graphite. My main function is to make marks on paper, which allows people to write, draw, or create art. People use me to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

Throughout my life, I have been sharpened many times to create a fine point, and with each sharpening, I become a little shorter. I have been a companion to writers, artists, and students who use me to create their work. I may be a simple tool, but I am essential to many people.

I have played a role in the creation of important documents, and I have been used to create art that has moved people emotionally. I represent the power of a single idea or a single stroke of the hand to change the world. Even as technology advances, I will continue to be a beloved and essential tool for generations to come.

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