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What is their in story Fathers help in brief?

The story “Father’s Help” is about a boy named Swaminathan who doesn’t want to go to school on Monday due to a headache. His father forces him to go to school and writes a letter to the headmaster about a strict teacher named Samuel. Swami feels guilty about the letter and starts to doubt if Samuel is really a bad teacher. When he arrives at school, Samuel is unexpectedly friendly and understanding towards Swami’s late arrival and missing homework. Swami decides to deliver the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day but finds out that the headmaster is on leave. When he returns home, his father tears up the letter and tells him he won’t help him if Samuel scolds him again. Swami learns a lesson about honesty and not jumping to conclusions about people.

Write about Samuel’s Character in brief.

Samuel is a teacher who is described as angry and strict. Swami is afraid to be late to his class because Samuel is known for scolding students who come in late. However, as the story progresses, Swami begins to see that Samuel is not as bad as he thought. Samuel is impressed with Swami’s father’s decision to send him to school despite his headache and appears gentle when inspecting homework.

Write Swami’s character in brief.

Swami is a young boy who is often lazy and tries to avoid going to school. He is imaginative, but also conflicted and unsure of his actions. He is also shown to have a strong conscience and feels guilty about his father’s letter about his teacher. Ultimately, he is a complex character who experiences a range of emotions and struggles to navigate the expectations of his family and school.

What is concluded in Father’s help?

In the end, Swami realizes that his initial portrayal of Samuel as a strict and angry teacher was inaccurate. He starts to see Samuel in a new light and begins to appreciate him for his kindness and understanding. When Swami decides to deliver the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day, he finds out that the headmaster is on leave. Swami returns home with the letter, but his father tears it up, disappointed that Swami didn’t have the courage to deliver it. The story ends with the lesson that it’s important to be honest and accurate when describing someone and not to let fear or misinformation cloud our judgment.

Swaminathan’s father character in brief

Swaminathan’s father is a strict and unsympathetic man who insists that his son attend school despite his complaints of a headache. He is determined to write a letter to the headmaster about the teacher Samuel, who he believes is too harsh on students who are late to class. Swaminathan is apprehensive about his father’s actions, but his protests are ignored. In the end, Swaminathan decides not to deliver the letter and when his father finds out, he tears it up and scolds his son for not taking action against Samuel.

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