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Is essay and article same? Get detailed answer

An essay and an article are both types of written works, but they have some key differences.

An essay is a piece of writing that presents an argument or a point of view on a specific topic. It is usually longer than an article and can be written in various formats and styles, such as descriptive, expository, argumentative, or persuasive. Essays are typically written for academic or educational purposes, although they can also be written for other purposes such as for personal expression or for professional advancement.

An article, on the other hand, is a written piece that is intended to inform or entertain readers. Articles are typically shorter than essays and are written for a general audience. They can be found in a variety of publications such as newspapers, magazines, journals, and online platforms. Articles can cover a wide range of topics, from news and current events to opinion pieces, feature stories, and reviews.

In summary, while both essays and articles are types of written works, essays are typically longer, more formal and written for academic or educational purposes, while articles are shorter, more informal, and written for a general audience with the purpose of informing or entertaining them.

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