Madhyamik Class 10 Physical Science Solved Paper 2023

Madhyamik Class 10 Physical Science Solved Paper 2023

Madhyamik Class 10 Physical Science Solved Paper 2023


Time: 3 Hours 15 Minutes

(First 15 Minutes for reading the question paper only, 3 Hours for writing) 

Full Marks: For Regular Candidates – 90

For External Candidates – 100

(For Regular & External Candidates)

Only the External Candidates will answer Group ‘E’. Figures in the margin indicate full marks for each question.

Group ‘A’

1. Multiple choice questions. Four alternative answers are given below for each of the following questions. Write the correct one. 1 × 15=15

1.1. Which of the following gas helps in the depletion of ozone in the ozone layer?

  1. CO2
  2. Ar
  3. CFC
  4. He

1.2. What is the value of PV for 4 g of H2 gas at STP? (H = 1)

  1. RT
  2. 2 RT
  3. 4 RT
  4. 0.5 RT

1.3. How many grams of O2  will be required to make CO2  by burning 12 g of C completely? (C = 12, 0 = 16)

  1. 32 g
  2. 12 g
  3. 16 g
  4. 44 g

1.4. How many types of thermal expansion coefficients are there for a liquid?

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3

1.5. In the case of refraction of white light through a prism, the light of colour which deviates the least is

  1. yellow
  2. orange
  3. red
  4. violet

1.6. If a reflected ray from a concave mirror makes an angle of 45° with the normal, the angle of incidence will be

  1. 90°
  2. 22.5°
  3. 135°
  4. 45°

1.7. What is the unit of conductivity?

  1. mho.meter -1
  2. ohm.metre -1
  3. mho.metre
  4. ohm.metre

1.8. If a current of 0.2 ampere flows through a conductor of resistance 40 ohm, what is the potential difference between the two ends of the conductor?

  1. 0.5 volt
  2. 2 volt
  3. 6 volt
  4. 8 volt

1.9. The correct order of penetrating power of α-, β- and γ- rays is

  1. γ > α > β
  2. γ > β > α
  3. α > β > y
  4. β > γ > α

1.10. How many elements are there in the fourth period of long periodic table?

  1. 8
  2. 32
  3. 16
  4. 18

1.11. In the formation of CaO how many electrons are transferred from Ca atom to O atom? (Atomic numbers of oxygen and calcium are 8 and 20 respectively)

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3

1.12. In the extraction of aluminium by the process of electrolysis, the fused mixture used contains which of the following along with cryolite and fluorspar?

  1. anhydrous aluminium chloride
  2. aluminium hydroxide
  3. aluminium sulfate
  4. pure alumina

1.13. For the preparation of N2 gas in the laboratory, the mixed aqueous solution of which of the following two compounds is used?

  1. NaNO2 and NH4CI
  2. NaNO3 and NH4CI
  3. NaCI and NH4NO3
  4. NaNO3 and NH4NO3

1.14. Which of the following is the formula of zine blende, an ore of zinc?

  1. ZnO
  2. Zns
  3. ZnCO3
  4. InSO4

1.15. Which of the following is an alcohol?

  1. CH3OCH3
  2. CH3CHO
  3. CH3COOH
  4. CH3CH2OH

Group ‘B’

2. Answer the following questions (alternatives are to be noted):

2.1. Name a gas present in the atmosphere which is not a greenhouse gas.

2.2. What is meant by the calorific value of a sample of coal is 30,000 kJkg-1?


Why can wind energy be used for sustainable growth development?

2.3. At a certain pressure the volume of a fixed mass of a gas at a temperature of 0°C is Yo; what will be the increase in volume of the gas, according to Charles’ law, if the temperature of the gas is raised by 1°C keeping the pressure unchanged?

2.4. What will be the ratio of number of molecules present in 1 L of H2 gas and 4 L of CO2 gas at STP?

2.5. Write whether the following statement is true or false :
The value of coefficient of linear expansion of solid is the same in celsius scale and in Kelvin scale.


Arrange diamond, iron and silver in the order of decreasing thermal conductivity.

2.6. Write one use of a convex mirror.

2.7. A ray parallel to the principal axis of a concave mirror follows which path after reflection by the concave mirror?

2.8. If the same potential difference is applied between the two ends of iron and copper wires having the same length and cross section, does equal amount of current flow through the two wires?

2.9. Draw I-V graph according to ohm’s law in the case of a metallic conductor.

2.10. Mention one peaceful use of atomic energy.


Fill up the blank :

γ-ray is ____ wave of short wavelength.

2.11. Match the Right column with the Left column:

Left column Right column
2.11.1. An alkaline earth metal (a) Fe
2.11.2. The metal which is present in the highest percentage amount in the alloy invar (b) Zn
2.11.3. An alkali metal (c) Ca
2.11.4.  The metal which is given as coating to prevent the rusting of iron (d) K


2.12. Write whether the following statement is true or false: The formation of an ionic compound is made possible largely by the formation of a stable ionic network.

2.13. In the refining of impure copper metal by the process of electrolysis, the mass of which electrode increases?


In the electroplating of gold over silver, what is used as electrolyte?

2.14. Fill up the blank :

During electrolysis, electricity is carried through the electrolyte by ____.

2.15. Mention one reason for the relative chemical inertness of N2.


Of the two substances used for the production of urea one is carbon dioxide, what is the other?

2.16. Which compound is formed by the reaction of atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen as a result of lightning?

2.17. Write IUPAC name for CH3CH=CH2


What is the disposition of the four valencies of carbon in methane?

2.18. Write one use of denatured spirit.

Group ‘C’

3. Answer the following questions (alternatives are to be noted) 2 × 9

3.1. Mention two possible future effects of global warming on environment.

3.2. A fixed mass of a gas occupies a volume of 580 cm3 at a temperature of 17°C and a pressure of 750 mmH. What volume will the gas occupy at that pressure and at a temperature of 47°C?


Two gases of same mass occupy at STP the volumes of 4480 mL and 5600 mL respectively. Find out the ratio of molar masses of the two gases.

3.3. Write Snell’s law of refraction of light.


Write two characteristics of the image of an extended object formed when it is placed in between the optical centre and focus of a thin convex lens.

3.4. Write one characteristic of each of electrical heater wire and fuse wire.

3.5. Show by drawing Lewis dot diagram of CH4 that CH4 is formed by covalent bonds. (Atomic numbers of H and C are 1 and 6 respectively)

3.6. Show by the help of a property of sodium chloride that sodium chloride is composed of ions.


Show how ionic bond is formed in sodium chloride. (Atomic numbers of Na and CI are 11 and 17 respectively)

3.7. Write, with balanced chemical equation, what happens when H2S gas is passed through aqueous solution of Pb(NO3)2.

3.8. In the extraction of metal by the process of electrolysis at which electrode does the following reaction occur ?

Mn+ \rightleftharpoons M (M = Metal)

Is it an oxidation or a reduction reaction? Answer with reason.


Mention one use of aluminium. Why acidic foods should not be kept in an aluminium container?

3.9. How is polyethene produced by the polymerisation reaction of ethylene?


How can the following conversion be carried out?

HC = CH → CH3CH3

Group ‘D’

4. Answer the following questions (alternatives are to be noted)

4.1. What is an ideal gas?
What is the effect of the increase in temperature on the pressure of a gas kept in a closed container? Answer with reason.

4.2. On burning sulfur in oxygen, sulfur dioxide is produced

S + O2 → SO2

For producing 2240 L of SO2 at STP
(i) How many grams of sulfur
and (i) how many moles of O2 will be required? (0=16, S=32)


On burning 480 g of a solid compound in 352 g of oxygen, 320 g of another solid compound and a gaseous compound are produced. If the vapour density of the gaseous compound is 32, how many moles of the gaseous compound is formed?

4.3. Define the coefficient of volume expansion of a solid and write its mathematical


Give one example of each of the thermal expansion of solid, liquid and gaseous substances from everyday experience.

4.4. In the case of refraction if the angle of incidence is 45° and the refracted ray makes an angle of 60° with the normal, what will be the value of angle of deviation ?
If an object of 6 cm length is placed at a distance of 2.4 cm in front of a convex lens, the image is formed at a distance of 4.8 cm from the lens. What are linear magnification and the length of the image?


The velocity of light in the glass medium is 2 × 105 Kms-1 and the velocity of light in water medium is 2.25 × 105 Kms-1. Determine the ratio of refractive indices of glass and water medium.

4.5. Write one use of each of the x-ray and ϒ-ray. Mention one harmful effect of γ-ray.

4.6. Two metallic wires A and B of the same length are made of the same material. The radius of wire A is double the radius of wire B. What is the ratio of resistances of the two wires?


There are three 220V-60W electric lamps and two 220V-100W electric fans in the house. The electric lamps are lit for 5 hours a day and the fans are run for 10 hours a day. If the cost per B.O.T unit is Rupees 5, what will be the cost of electricity for 30 days?

4.7. Write Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction.
Mention one advantage of using a LED lamp over an incandescent lamp.

4.8. There are 92 protons and 143 neutrons in the nucleus of a radioactive atom. If an α-particle is emitted from that atom how many protons and neutrons will be present in the nucleus of the new atom formed? What type of nuclear reaction is the source of energy of stars?

4.9. Write the contribution of Mendeleef in the creation of the ‘periodic table’.


What is meant by the atomic radius of an atom? Arrange the first three elements C, Si and Ge of group 14 of long periodic table in the order of their increasing atomic radii.

4.10. Mention two classes of electrolytes. How can they be differentiated?

4.11. Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occurs in the Haber process for the industrial manufacture of ammonia. Write the conditions of the process.

4.12. A hydrocarbon in the substitution reaction with chlorine in diffused sunlight forms methyl chloride in the first step. What is the hydrocarbon ? Write balanced chemical equation for the first step of the reaction. Mention one use of the hydrocarbon.


What is the industrial source of LPG?
Write one use of each of acetic acid and poly (tetrafluoroethylene).

Group ‘E’
(For external candidates only)

5. Answer the following questions (any four)

  1. The amount of which greenhouse gas in the atmosphere increases by the burning of fossil fuel?
  2. What is the product of the pressure and volume of 32 g of O2 gas at STP? (0 = 16)
  3. What is DC?
  4. By the emission of which radioactive ray from the atom of a radioactive element, no new atom is created?
  5. Draw the structural formula of a saturated hydrocarbon containing two carbon atoms.

6. Answer the following questions (any three)

  1. What is the importance of insulators in household wiring?
  2. Whether a concave lens is called a converging or diverging lens?
    Answer with reason.
  3. Write, with the balanced chemical equation, what happens when dilute sulfuric acid is added to ferrous sulfide.
  4. Give two reasons in favour of using paper for packaging.
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