Explain methods of conservation of biodiversity.



Some of the methods for conservation of biodiversity are:

  1. Reforestation: This is the planting of trees on large scale.
  2. Protection of forests from forest fires.
  3. Protection of trees and plants from pests and insects.
  4. Minimum use of wood/timber as a firewood; alternatives of these should be used.
  5. Excessive grazing in and near forests should be stopped. The government should make strict rules and laws for protection of forests. We all have a role to play in conservation of forests.
  6. To protect the flora and fauna, protected areas like biosphere reserves, national parks, sanctuaries have been earmarked.
  7. Conserve paper and avoid usage of materials made from skins and furs of animals.
  8. Strict rules and regulations have been made by the Government banning the hunting of endangered species.

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