Intext : Why the tropospheric atmosphere is turbulent?




Why the tropospheric atmosphere is turbulent?


The tropospheric atmosphere is turbulent for several reasons, including:

  1. Heating from the sun: The Earth’s surface is heated unevenly by the sun, which causes warm air to rise and cooler air to sink. This creates convection currents that stir the atmosphere and create turbulence.
  2. Atmospheric pressure differences: The air in the troposphere is constantly moving due to differences in pressure caused by temperature and humidity changes.
  3. Friction: Friction between the Earth’s surface and the air can cause turbulence, especially in areas with high wind speeds.

All of these factors contribute to turbulence in the tropospheric atmosphere. This turbulence can have important effects on weather patterns, air quality, and the distribution of pollutants and other substances in the atmosphere.

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