LAQ : Describe the sources and functions of auxin




Describe the sources and functions of auxin.


Sources of Auxin:

  1. Apical meristems of shoot and root tips.
  2. Young leaves.
  3. Developing seeds and fruits.
  4. Vascular tissues.

Functions of Auxin:

  1. Stem elongation: Promotes cell elongation, resulting in the elongation of stems and shoots.
  2. Apical dominance: Inhibits the growth of lateral buds, directing growth towards the apex.
  3. Root development: Stimulates root growth and differentiation.
  4. Phototropism: Influences the bending of plant parts towards a light source.
  5. Gravitropism: Regulates the orientation of plant growth in response to gravity.
  6. Fruit development: Promotes the development and ripening of fruits.

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