SAQ : Describe some uses of the spherical mirrors



Here are some common uses of spherical mirrors:

1. Concave Mirrors:

  • Dental Mirrors: Dentists often use small concave mirrors to view hard-to-reach areas inside the mouth.
  • Makeup Mirrors: Some makeup mirrors have concave surfaces that magnify the reflection, allowing for precise makeup application.
  • Reflecting Telescopes: In astronomy, concave mirrors are used as primary mirrors in reflecting telescopes to collect and focus light from distant celestial objects.

2. Convex Mirrors:

  • Rearview Mirrors: Convex mirrors are commonly used as rearview mirrors in vehicles. They provide a wider field of view, making it easier to see vehicles behind and to the sides.
  • Security Mirrors: Convex mirrors are used in stores, parking lots, and other areas to provide a wider field of view for security purposes, allowing people to see around corners and detect blind spots.

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