Write symbols and state functions of each of the following components in an electric circuit — (i) key (ii) cell (iii) rheostat (iv) ammeter (v) voltmeter



Symbol Function
key symbol concise physics solutions icse class 9 263x177 1 A key is used to put the current on and off in a circuit
cell-symbolic-representation-concise-physics-solutions-icse-class-9-263x154 A cell acts as a source of direct current for the circuit.
rheostat symbolic representation concise physics solutions icse class 9 551x349 1 It controls the flow of current in a circuit.
ammeter-symbolic-representation-concise-physics-solutions-icse-class-9-1159x262 An ammeter is an instrument used to measures the magnitude of current flowing in a circuit.
voltmeter-symbolic-representation-concise-physics-solutions-icse-class-9-1158x264 A voltmeter is used to measure the potential difference between two points of a circuit.

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