You are provided with a mixture containing sand, iron filings, ammonium chloride and sodium chloride. Describe the procedures you would use to separate these constituents from the mixture.



(i) Removing iron filings from the mixture by magnetic separation: Take the mixture in a petri dish and roll a bar magnet over it. Iron filings will get attach to the magnet and thus separate from the mixture.

(ii) Removing ammonium chloride by sublimation: Transfer the remaining mixture into China dish and heat it. On heating, ammonium chloride sublimes and solidifies on condensation. The mixture containing sand and sodium chloride left behind in the China dish.

(iii) Removing sand by filtration: Make a solution of sand and sodium chloride in water. Filter the solution. Sodium chloride will dissolve in water and sand is left as residue on the filter paper.

(iv) Evaporate the filtrate to dryness to get sodium chloride or by crystallisation.

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