Summary of “Our Runaway Kite”

Book Name : Bliss English Textbook For Class X Second Language
Subject : Bliss
Class : 10 (Madhyamik/WB)
Publisher : Prof. Nabanita Chatterjee
Chapter Name : Our Runaway Kite (5th Lesson)

About the author

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables. She wrote numerous novels, poems and short stories. She was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1935.

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Introduction of the story

This short story is about a brother and a sister living on an isolated island with
their father, who, through a series of incidents, gets reunited with their long-lost
relatives. It is a touching tale that underlines the value of relationships.

Summary of the story

Bliss X 48

This story is about a family living on Big Half Moon Island, including Father, Claude, Philippa, Aunt Esther, Mimi, and Dick. They used to be just Father, Claude, and Philippa, living in a lighthouse. In the winter, they moved to the mainland, but they loved returning to the island in the spring. People pitied them, thinking they were lonely without other children on the island.

During the summer, they enjoyed various hobbies, and one summer, they got into kite-flying. They made a beautiful kite, but it accidentally tore. To fix it, they used an old letter since they ran out of red paper. They launched the kite, and it flew beautifully, but it suddenly snapped, and the kite sailed away to the mainland. The story is about their island life, their hobbies, and the unexpected adventure of their special kite.

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The character of the story

Father: He’s the lighthouse keeper on Big Half Moon Island, taking care of his family. He doesn’t seem to have any other relatives and holds a deep, unexplained sorrow about it.

Claude: Philippa’s older brother, around twelve years old. He shares adventures with Philippa and doesn’t quarrel with her or the mainland children.

Philippa: The eleven-year-old narrator of the story. She and Claude yearn for playmates on the island. They love kite-flying and accidentally launch their kite to the mainland.

Mainland Children: Children from the mainland who aren’t present in the summer. Claude and Philippa used to quarrel with them in winter but sometimes wished for their company in the summer.

The theme of the story

The theme of the story revolves around the longing for companionship and a sense of isolation on a remote island. It highlights the value of relationships and how unexpected events, like a kite-flying mishap, can lead to the reunion of long-lost relatives, ultimately emphasizing the importance of family bonds.

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