Thermal Phenomena | Class 9 Physics Formula


Linear expansion of solid :

Coefficient of linear expansion (α) = L_t-L_o\over L_ot[\katex]

or Lt = L0 (1 + αt)

Relation among the coefficients of expansion of solid :

ɑ = β/2 = γ/3

or, β = 2ɑ and γ = 3ɑ

Expansion of liquid :

For a liquid kept in a container, γr = γa + γg

γr = Real Expansion

γa = Apparent Expansion

γg = Gas Expansion

Thermal conductivity :

The quantity of heat Q conducted through a solid bar,

Q = k.A.({θ_2 - θ_1})t\over L [\katex] where k is the thermal conductivity.

Thermal Resistance :

Rth = {1\over k} \times {L\over A}[\katex]

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