Lesson 3 – We are Seven | Chapter Solution Class 7

We are Seven
Book Name : Blossom
Subject : English
Class : 7 (Madhyamik)
Publisher : Prof. Nabanita Chatterjee
Chapter Name : We are Seven (3rd Chapter)

Activity 1

Choose the correct answer from the given   alternative :

(a) The little girl whom the poet not was –

  1. seven
  2. eight
  3. nine years old


(ii) eight

(b) The girls lost –

  1. two brothers
  2. two sisters
  3. a brother and sister.


(iii) a brother and sister.

(c) The distance between her house and the burial ground was only –

  1. twelve steps
  2. ten steps
  3. six steps


(i) twelve steps

Activity 2

Identify which of the following statements are true and which are false. Give a supporting statement for each of your answers :

  1. The little girl was good–looking. (  )
  2. five of her brothers and sisters were dead. (  )
  3. The graves were covered with green grass. ( )


  1. True; Because she had beautiful eyes and thick curly hair
  2. False; Two of her brothers and sisters were dead.
  3. True; Because it can be seen that the graves were green.

Activity 3

The poem that rhymes with the given word:

Curl: ____; head ____; air ____: clad ____; be ____ ; tell _____ ; laid: _____; heaven: ____


Curl: girl ; head said; air: fair;  clad: glad; be : me ; tell : dwell; laid: maid; heaven: seven

Activity 4

Answer the following questions:

  1. Pick out the expressions that describe the appearance of the girl.
  2. With whom did the girl live?
  3. What does the girl say about her living brothers and sisters?
  4. Why does the girl say, “We are seven”?


  1. Her hair was thick with many a curl, and she was wildly clad and her eyes were very fair.
  2. The girl lived with her mother.
  3. She said two of her brothers live at Conway and two are gone to sea.
  4. Because she doesn’t understand the meaning of death and she cannot differentiate dead from alive, that’s why she counted seven instead of five.

Activity 5

Make sentences with the followings words :

Dwell, clustered, rustic, grave, maid


  1. Dwell:- Bapuji dwelled in Gujarat for many years.
  2. Clustered: Boys clustered in the middle of the ground.
  3. Rustic: They were wearing rustic costumes for the festival.
  4. Grave: Peter saw his grandfather’s grave yesterday.
  5. Maid: We had a maid, who was very hard-working and honest.

Activity 6

Make sentences with the following pairs of homonyms:

met- mate; hair-hare, wonder-wander; two-to; there-their.


  1. I met my old college mate at the reunion.
  2. The hair of the hare was sleek and shiny.
  3. I often wonder about the mysteries of the universe.
  4. The lost traveller decided to wander through the forest.
  5. I have two apples in my bag.
  6. There is a beautiful sunset over the horizon.
  7. Their house is located in a quiet neighbourhood.

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