Distinguish between heat and temperature.



Heat Temperature
Heat is a form of energy obtained due to random motion of molecules in a system. Temperature is a quality which tells the thermal state of a body (i.e., the degree of hotness or coolness of the body) and determines the direction of flow of heat on keeping the two bodies at different temperatures in contact.
S.I. unit of heat is Joule (J) S.I. unit of temperature is Kelvin (K)
The amount of heat contained in a body depends on mass, temperature, material of the body The temperature of a body depends on the average kinetic energy of it’s molecules due to their random motion.
Heat is measured by the principle of calorimetry. Temperature is measured by a thermometer.
Two bodies having same quantity of heat may differ in their temperature. Two bodies at same temperature may differ in the quantities of heat contained in them.
When two bodies are placed in contact, the total amount of heat is equal to the sum of heat of the individual bodies. When two bodies at different temperatures are placed in contact, the resultant temperature is a temperature in between the two temperatures .

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