Observe the given chart and graph carefully and answer the questions that follow. (i) Which of the line represents the height of boys? (ii) Which line represents the height of girls? (iii) What is the difference between the pattern of increase in the height of boys and girls? (iv) Is this pattern true for each individual?
Age in years % of full height
Boys Girls
8 72% 77%
9 75% 81%
10 78% 84%
11 81% 88%
12 84% 91%
13 88% 95%
14 92% 98%
15 95% 99%
16 98% 99.5%
17 99% 100%
18 100% 100%



(i) The red line represents the height of boys.

(ii) The blue line represents the height of girls.

(iii) At the onset of puberty, girls grow faster in height than the boys and by the age of 18 years, approximately both reach their maximum height.

(iv) No, the rate of growth in height varies among individuals. Some may grow in height suddenly at puberty and then slow down, while other may grow gradually.

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