Summary of “His first flight”

Book Name : Bliss English Textbook For Class IX Second Language
Subject : Bliss
Class : 9th (Madhyamik/WB)
Publisher : Prof. Nabanita Chatterjee
Chapter Name : His first flight (8th chapter)

About the author

  • Liam O’Flaherty (1896-1984) was an Irish author known for his contributions to the Irish literary renaissance. He was both a novelist and short story writer and is best known for books such as The Informer, Return of the Brute, and House of Gold. O’Flaherty’s works often explored themes of social and political conflict, as well as the struggles of the individual. His short story, First Flight, is regarded as one of his most famous works and is a symbol of the nervousness one experiences before doing something new. Throughout his career, O’Flaherty’s writing reflected his own experiences of growing up in Ireland, and he is remembered as a major figure in Irish literature.

Introduction of the story

  • The story is about a young seagull who is too afraid to fly, even though his siblings and parents have already taken flight. Alone on his ledge and hungry, he tries to find a way to reach his family without having to fly. However, his hunger drives him to take a risk and dive for a piece of fish, and in that moment of terror, he discovers that he is capable of flying after all. He soars through the air, rejoins his family, and makes his first flight, an experience that expands his world and brings him closer to his loved ones. The story is a metaphor for the importance of overcoming fear and taking risks in order to achieve growth and success.

Summary of the story


Bliss IX 072“The First Flight” is a story about a young seagull who is afraid to fly. Despite his siblings already flying away, he is left alone on his ledge, hungry and unable to reach his parents without flying. He tries to find an alternative way to reach his parents but realizes that flying is the only way. After taking a dive at a piece of fish that his mother is holding in her beak, he successfully spreads his wings and begins to soar. The young seagull’s first flight teaches us the importance of taking risks and facing our fears. It highlights the idea that pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is necessary for growth and achieving our goals. The support of loved ones is also crucial in overcoming our challenges. The young seagull’s family was proud of him for trying and succeeding, demonstrating how support from loved ones can help us to overcome our fears and achieve success. The story is a tale of courage, perseverance, and support that reminds us that even when we are afraid, we can achieve great things if we push ourselves to try.

The theme of the story

  • The theme of the story is the importance of overcoming fear and taking risks in order to achieve success and growth. The young seagull is initially too afraid to fly, but his hunger and desire for food push him to take the leap, and he discovers that he is capable of flying after all. This experience not only allows him to access food and survival but also brings him closer to his family and expands his world beyond the limits of his ledge. The story highlights how fear can hold us back from achieving our full potential, and how taking risks and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones can lead to growth and success.

Characters of the story

  1. The young seagull: The main character of the story who is afraid to fly and is left alone on the ledge after his siblings have flown away. He overcomes his fear and successfully makes his first flight.
  2. The seagull’s siblings: The two brothers and one sister have already flown away and are not present during the events of the story.
  3. The seagull’s parents: The mother and father of the young seagull who is trying to teach their offspring how to fly and hunt for fish. They are persistent in their efforts to encourage the young seagull to fly, even though he is initially too afraid to do so.
  4. The vast expanse of the sea: A natural element that poses a challenge for the young seagull, as he is afraid to fly over it.
  5. The green sea: The location where the young seagull’s family gathers to celebrate his first successful flight. It represents a safe and welcoming place for the young seagull to land and start his new life as a fully-fledged bird.

Additional Questions

Question 1

Why was the young seagull left alone on his ledge?


His two brothers and his sister had already flown away the day before.

Question 2

Why was the young seagull afraid to fly?


He was afraid that his wings would not support him.

Question 3

What were the parents of the young seagull doing when he was trying to reach them?


They were calling to him shrilly and flying about with his brothers and sister, teaching them how to fly and dive for fish.

Question 4

What did the young seagull do when he saw his mother with a piece of fish?


He cried and begged her to bring him some food.

Question 5

What happened when the young seagull dived at the fish?


He spread his wings and started to soar, feeling the wind rushing against his feathers.

Question 6

How did the young seagull feel after he started flying?


He was no longer afraid and felt joyous.

Question 7

What did the young seagull’s family do when he landed on the green sea?


They were screaming and praising him.

Question 8

What did the young seagull’s older brother catch?


His first herring.

Question 9

Why did the young seagull want to reach his parents without flying?


Because he was afraid to fly.

Question 10

What did the young seagull’s family do while he was trying to find a way to reach them?


They were dozing or preening their feathers.

Chapter Solution

Chapter 7 – His First Flight (Fully Solved Excercise)

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