Summary of “Autumn”

Book Name : Bliss English Textbook For Class IX Second Language
Subject : Bliss
Class : 9th (Madhyamik/WB)
Publisher : Prof. Nabanita Chatterjee
Chapter Name : Autumn (3rd chapter)

About the author

John Clare (1793 -1864) was an English poet famous for his celebratory representations of the English countryside and his lamentation of its disruption. Some of his notable collections of poetry are First Love, Snow Storm, The Village Minstrel and Other Poems etc. The following poem presents a pen picture of the mellow beauty of autumn in the countryside. As this season comes just before winter, it is characterized by falling leaves, bare branches and strong winds.

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Introduction of the poem

This poem is about the speaker’s love for the changing seasons and the natural world around them. They specifically mention their appreciation for the wind shaking the casement and taking away leaves, the dancing twigs, the chirping sparrows, and the smoke from a cottage curling upwards through the trees.

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Summary of the story


The story describes the speaker’s love for the different aspects of nature and the changing seasons. The speaker expresses their appreciation for the wind that shakes the windows and removes the leaves from the trees. They also enjoy watching the branches dance in the evening and the sparrows on the cottage roof, which make it seem like spring is just around the corner. The speaker also finds beauty in the simple things such as the smoke rising from a cottage, the pigeons nestled around a birdhouse, and the crowing of a rooster. Additionally, the speaker appreciates the small moments in nature such as a feather falling from a raven’s breast and acorns falling from a tree. The story concludes with the pigs scrambling for the fallen acorns. Throughout the story, the speaker’s love for the natural world is evident and they find joy in the simple things that nature has to offer.

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The theme of the poem

The theme of the poem is the speaker’s love and appreciation for the sights and sounds of autumn in the countryside, such as the shaking of the trees, the falling leaves, the chirping of birds, and the curling of smoke from the cottages. The poem celebrates the beauty and charm of nature during this season.

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The poem does not have a clear conclusion but rather presents the speaker’s ongoing love and appreciation for the autumnal scenes described. The final line, “Curl upwards through the naked trees,” suggests a continuation of the imagery and appreciation for the beauty of the season.

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