Summary of “Tales of Bhola Grandpa”

Tales of Bhola Grandpa
Book Name : Bliss English Textbook For Class IX Second Language
Subject : Bliss
Class : 9th (Madhyamik/WB)
Publisher : Prof. Nabanita Chatterjee
Chapter Name : Tales of Bhola Grandpa (1st chapter)

About the author

Manoj Das (1934) is a writer from India who writes in two languages, Oriya and English. He has written many books, including novels, short stories, poems, travelogues, and articles about history and culture. In this story, we get to read about the funny adventures of an old man named Bhola Grandpa, as seen through the eyes of a young man who knew him well. Manoj Das’s writing is full of humour and makes us laugh at the forgetful and simple-minded Bhola Grandpa.

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Introduction of the story

The short story “Tales of Bhola Grandpa” by Manoj Das tells the hilarious adventures of a forgetful and simple-minded old man named Bhola Grandpa. The story is narrated through the eyes of a young man who knows Bhola Grandpa closely.

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Summary of the story

Bhola grandpa

The story is about an old man named Bhola Grandpa who lives in a village with his wife. He is known for his forgetfulness and tendency to have vivid dreams. The story tells of several incidents in which Bhola Grandpa’s forgetfulness and dream-like state cause confusion and amusement among the people in his village.

In one incident, Bhola Grandpa takes his grandson to a festival and while returning, he lets out a loud wail because he forgot that he had lost grip of his grandson’s fingers. His grandson was later found under a cow’s belly.

In another incident, Bhola Grandpa tells his friends and family that he had seen a gang of pirates burying a treasure box on the seashore near their village. They all went looking for the treasure but it turns out it was just a dream he had during his nap.

The most dramatic incident happened when Bhola’s Grandpa was returning from the weekly market. He heard the growl of a Royal Bengal tiger and found the tiger’s gaze on his face. Bhola Grandpa climbed a nearby banyan tree and waited for the tiger to leave. He spent the whole night in the tree, the tiger never left and in the morning he came down from the tree and walked past the tiger, who was just stretching its limbs. A group of men were surprised to see Bhola Grandpa alive and asked how he managed to walk past the tiger. He then remembered the tiger and ran back home in fear.

Finally, Bhola’s Grandpa passed away at the age of 95, his wife said he must have forgotten to breathe. The story paints a picture of a man who is forgetful and dreamy but also has a sense of humour and an adventurous spirit.

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The theme of the story

The theme of the story “Tales of Bhola Grandpa” is human forgetfulness and its humorous consequences. The author, Manoj Das, uses the character of Bhola Grandpa to highlight the simplicity and innocence of rural life in India. The story revolves around Bhola Grandpa’s hilarious adventures, where he forgets his grandson at a festival, goes on a treasure hunt based on a dream, and encounters a Royal Bengal tiger in the Sunderbans. Despite his forgetfulness, Bhola Grandpa’s character is endearing and portrays humour in everyday life. Overall, the story highlights the importance of cherishing the simple moments in life and finding humour in everyday situations.

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Characters of the story

The character of Bhola Grandpa: Bhola Grandpa was an old man who lived in a small house with his wife in a village. He was forgetful and simple, which made people laugh at times. He loved to tell stories and had a great imagination, like his tale about pirates and treasure. He was also brave, as he climbed a tree to escape from a tiger in the forest. Even though he was forgetful, people still loved and respected him. When he died, people remembered him and his stories.

Bhola Grandpa’s grandson: He is the young boy whom Bhola Grandpa takes to the festival but forgets to hold onto tightly. He is eventually found taking shelter under a cow’s belly.

Bhola Grandpa’s wife: Bhola Grandpa’s wife was an old lady who lived with him in a small hut at the end of the village. She was always there to support her husband, even when he forgot things or had wild ideas. She didn’t mind the troop of monkeys that lived in the Bokal tree near their home. When Bhola’s Grandpa lost hold of their grandson’s hand, she was worried but stayed calm. When he passed away at the age of ninety-five, she was very sad and said that he must have forgotten to breathe. Despite her age, she continued to live in their home and remember her beloved husband.

The narrator: A young man who knows Bhola Grandpa closely and narrates his hilarious adventures.

The man on the mound: A man whom Bhola Grandpa meets after his encounter with a Royal Bengal tiger in the Sunderbans. He is bewildered by how Bhola’s Grandpa walked past the tiger without being attacked.

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