Summary of “The Man Who Planted Trees”

The Man Who Planted Trees
Book Name : Blossom English Textbook For Class VIII Second Language
Subject : English
Class : 8th (Madhyamik/WB)
Publisher : Prof. Nabanita Chatterjee
Chapter Name : The Man Who Planted Trees (13th chapter)

About the Author

Jean Giono (1895-1970) was a French writer renowned for his lyrical tales, frequently based in Provence, France. Born in Manosque on March 30, 1895, he authored acclaimed works like “The Horseman on the Roof.” Giono’s writing showcased his deep connection to nature and his Provencal roots. He passed away in 1970.

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Introduction to the Story

Forty years ago, the narrator ventured into a bleak, unknown part of the Alps where nothing but wild lavender grew. Lost and thirsty, they met a shepherd named Elzeard Bouffier who was quietly planting oak trees. Over time, Bouffier’s efforts turned the desolation into a thriving forest, showing how one person can make a big difference.

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Summary of the Story

The Man Who Planted Trees

About 40 years ago, the narrator went on a hike in a lonely place in the hills near the Alps and found a dry and desolate land. No water, no life. He met a shepherd named Elzeard Bouffier who was planting oak trees with great care. They became friends, and the shepherd shared his story. Bouffier had planted 100,000 trees over three years, and 20,000 had grown. The shepherd, aged around 55, lost his family and decided to bring life back to the dying land. After the war, the narrator returned and saw the oaks Bouffier had planted, now ten years old, taller than them. The forest covered three sections, 11 kilometres long, and three kilometres wide. It showed that one person, without much help, can make a significant positive change in the world.

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