Summary of “Princess September”

Princess September
Book Name : Blossom English Textbook For Class VIII Second Language
Subject : English
Class : 8th (Madhyamik/WB)
Publisher : Prof. Nabanita Chatterjee
Chapter Name : Princess September (5th chapter)

About the Author

William Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) was a British playwright, novelist and short story writer. During and after the wars, he travelled to India and South East Asia. Of Human Bondage is regarded as Maugham’s most important novel. His other important works include The Razor’s Edge, The Moon and Sixpence etc. The present text is an adapted version of his short story of the same name.

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Introduction to the Story

In “Princess September,” the story begins with a tale of a young, unhappy princess who finds solace and joy in the enchanting song of a little bird. The narrative explores the evolving relationship between the princess and the bird, touching upon themes of love, freedom, and sacrifice.

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Summary of the Story

Princess September

“Princess September” tells the story of a young princess from Siam who is initially unhappy but finds solace in a little bird. This bird sings beautiful songs that comfort her. However, her jealous sisters advise her to cage the bird for safety. Reluctantly, she does so, and the bird, once free and joyful, falls silent. Realizing her mistake and out of love, she sets the bird free. The bird promises to return and sing for her, and it does. The story illustrates the importance of freedom and individual happiness in relationships. Princess September learns that true love means letting go and allowing those we care about to pursue their own happiness. The tale is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices one might make for the well-being of loved ones and the enduring bond between them.

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The character of the Story

Princess September character

Princess September: She is the protagonist of the story, the daughter of the king of Siam. Initially unhappy, she finds comfort and joy in a little bird’s song. Her love for the bird leads her to make a significant sacrifice, ultimately valuing the bird’s happiness above her own desires.

The Little Bird: This small bird enters Princess September’s life and brings her happiness with its beautiful songs. It symbolizes freedom and individuality, and its desire for freedom teaches the princess a valuable lesson about love and sacrifice.

The Other Princesses: Princess September’s sisters are initially jealous of the little bird’s attention. They advise her to keep the bird in a cage for safety, representing conventional thinking and the idea of prioritizing safety over personal happiness.

Mamma’s Cats: The cats mentioned briefly in the story pose a potential threat to the little bird, prompting Princess September to briefly confine the bird in a cage for its safety.

The theme of the story

The central theme of “Princess September” is the conflict between love and freedom. The story explores how Princess September’s love for the little bird leads to a choice between confining it in a cage for safety or allowing it the freedom to be happy, ultimately highlighting the sacrifice and selflessness that love can entail.

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