Summary of “The Great Escape”

The Great Escape
Book Name : Blossom English Textbook For Class VIII Second Language
Subject : English
Class : 8th (Madhyamik/WB)
Publisher : Prof. Nabanita Chatterjee
Chapter Name : The Great Escape (4th chapter)

About the Author

Sugata Bose, the Gardiner Professor of Oceanic History at Harvard, is a historian and author. Born to Dr Sisir Kumar Bose and Mrs Krishna Bose, he is the grandnephew of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and the grandson of Sarat Chandra Bose. His book “His Majesty’s Opponent” was published in 2011.

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Introduction to the Story

The story follows Subhas, an ailing man, and his nephew Sisir, as they secretly plan and execute Subhas’s escape from India in the 1940s. Faced with police surveillance, they embark on a daring journey, marked by secrecy and courage, showcasing the lengths people will go to pursue their ideals and freedom.

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Summary of the Story

The Great Escape

In this story, a man named Subhas is very sick and wants to escape from India. His nephew, Sisir, agrees to help him. They make a secret plan. Sisir has a car, and they decide to drive to a faraway railway station in the middle of the night. They need to be very careful because the police are watching Subhas’s house.

The Great Escape summary

On the night of January 16, 1941, Sisir finishes his dinner and drives to Subhas’s house. He parks the car behind the house. They wait until everyone in the family is asleep. Subhas changes into a disguise, and they drive away in Sisir’s car.

The Great Escape summary

They cross a big bridge and go beyond the city. Subhas and Sisir share some nervous moments when the car has trouble, but they keep going. They finally arrive at a safe place, where Sisir’s brother lives. Subhas takes on a different name, Muhammad Ziauddin. They part ways at a railway station, and Subhas catches a train to continue his journey. It’s a daring escape story filled with secrecy and courage.

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The characters of the Story

Subhas: Subhas is a central character in the story, portrayed as a physically frail and unwell individual. Despite his illness, he possesses great determination and a strong commitment to a cause that goes beyond his own health. Subhas’s decision to escape from India, under the disguise of Muhammad Ziauddin, illustrates his unwavering resolve to pursue his ideals. His character symbolizes sacrifice and the willingness to take great risks for a greater cause. The secrecy and careful planning of his escape highlights his courage and devotion to his beliefs.

Sisir: Sisir, Subhas’s nephew, plays a pivotal role in the narrative. He is portrayed as a loyal and resourceful individual who willingly involves himself in Subhas’s escape plan. Sisir’s ability to operate a radio and facilitate communication with the outside world is vital for their escape. His character reflects the importance of family bonds and the courage to support a loved one in a dangerous mission. Sisir’s role underscores the theme of loyalty and dedication.

Muhammad Ziauddin (Disguise): The character of Muhammad Ziauddin represents the necessity of concealing Subhas’s true identity during the escape. This disguise allows Subhas to move incognito and avoid detection. It adds an element of mystery to the story and underscores the importance of maintaining secrecy in a perilous situation.

Dwijen: Dwijen, a male cousin of Subhas, contributes to the escape plan by helping signal to Subhas and Sisir, ensuring a safe departure. While his role may be minor, it highlights the collaborative effort of family members in the mission. Dwijen symbolizes the importance of teamwork and cooperation in achieving a common goal.

Other Family Members: The remaining family members of Subhas are kept in the dark about the escape plan. Their lack of awareness emphasizes the need for extreme secrecy and the risks associated with their mission. It adds to the suspense and tension of the story, as Subhas and Sisir navigate the challenge of keeping their intentions hidden from those closest to them.

Theme of the Story

The central theme of the story revolves around secrecy, courage, and the pursuit of freedom. It depicts the daring escape plan of Subhas and Sisir, highlighting their determination to overcome surveillance and challenges as they strive for their ideals and the quest for liberty.

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