Lesson 6 – How The Little Kite Learned to Fly | Chapter Solution Class 6

How The Little Kite Learned to Fly
Book Name : Blossom
Subject : English
Class : 6 (Madhyamik)
Publisher : Prof. Nabanita Chatterjee
Chapter Name : How The Little Kite Learned to Fly (6th Chapter)

Activity 1

Tick the correct alternative:

  1. The little kite thought it could (i) run (ii) fly (iii) swim
  2. The big kite told the small kite to (i) try (ii) know (iii) think
  3. White flying the little kite was filled with (i) pity (ii) pride (iii) pain
  4. The boys liked small (i) dots (ii) patches (iii) spots


  1. fly
  2. try
  3. pride
  4. sports

Activity 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

  1. The big kite towards the ____
  2. The little kite’s paper ____
  3. The little kite smiled the big kite ____
  4. The little kite and the big kite ____


  1. Tranquil sky
  2. Stirred at the sight
  3. side by side
  4. rested high in the quiet air

Activity 3

Answer the following question:

What made the little kite’s paper stir at the sight of the traditional tranquil sky?


The eagerness to fly like the big kite made the little stir at the sight of the tranquil sky.

Activity 4

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

Cause Effect
(a) ____ The kite was afraid to fly.
(b) The little kite grew braver. ____
(c) ____ The little kite was thrilled with pride.
(d) ____ The boys looked like small spots.


Cause – the little kite thought that it would fall down.

Effect – the little kite rose up through the air.

Cause – the little kite sailed with the big kite side by side.

Cause – the boys were far below the little kite.

Activity 5

Answer the following in complete sentences :

  1. What did the big kite tell the little kite to go?
  2. How did the little kite prepare himself for flight ?
  3. Who did the kites get as companions high up in the quiet air?
  4. “Oh, how happy I am “ — Why did the little kite feel so?


  1. The big kite told the little kite to try to fly.
  2. The little kite stirred at the sight of the big flight, whirled and then grew braver flight. In this way, the little kite prepared himself for the flight.
  3. High up in the quiet air, the kites got birds and clouds as their companions.
  4. The little kite felt so because he could prove himself one who had tried bravely to fly.

Activity 6 (a)

Fill in the blanks with suitable articles:

  1. ____ Nile flows through Egypt.
  2. Iron is ____ useful metal.
  3. I waited at the station for ____ hour.
  4. She is ____ European.


  1. The Nile flows through Egypt.
  2. Iron is a useful metal.
  3. I waited at the station for an hour.
  4. She is a European.

Activity 6 (b)

Tick the appropriate form of the given verbs in brackets:

  1. No news ____ (is/are) good news.
  2. Each of the children ____ (has/have) arrived.
  3. The mother and her child ____ (is/are) going to the market.
  4. Esha as well as her sister ____ (is/are) taking part in the school sports.


  1. No news is (good news).
  2. Each of the children has (arrived).
  3. The mother and her child are (going to the market).
  4. Esha as well as her sister is (taking part in the school sports).

Activity 7 (a)

Add a prefix or a suffix to the following words to form opposites:

  1. learn: ____
  2. steadily: ____
  3. rest: ____
  4. cloud: ____
  5. happy:____


  1. learn: unlearn
  2. steadily: unsteadily
  3. rest: restless
  4. cloud: clear
  5. happy: unhappy

Activity 7 (b)

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words :

  1. tranquil: ____
  2. frightened:____
  3. sailed: ____
  4. brave: ____


  1. The lake nestled amidst the mountains was tranquil, offering a serene escape from the bustling city life.
  2. The frightened child clung to her mother tightly as the thunderstorm raged outside.
  3. The adventurous explorers sailed across the vast ocean, seeking new lands and undiscovered treasures.
  4. Despite the danger, the brave firefighter rushed into the burning building to save the trapped residents.

Activity 8 (a)

Read the paragraph carefully and fill in the following chart with information from the passage:

Last summer, four of us went to Arun’s aunt’s place in the Sunderbans. They were my friends— Sumit and Arun and his younger brother; Barun. Sumit, Arun and I study in class X and Barun is two years younger than us. We began the journey on Monday. We travelled by bus and then by boat. We stayed there for three days. We visited the bird sanctuary. We returned on Thursday evening at 7.30 pm.

  1. number of people
  2. names of the people
  3. destination
  4. duration of the trip
  5. vehicles used
  6. places visited


  1. Number of people: 4
  2. Names of the people: Sumit, Arun, Barun, You
  3. Destination: Arun’s aunt’s place in the Sunderbans
  4. Duration of the trip: 4 days (Monday to Thursday)
  5. Vehicles used: Bus, Boat
  6. Places visited: Bird Sanctuary

Activity 8 (b)

Now, write a dialogue between two sisters, where the elder sister is encouraging the younger one to read out a patriotic poem in her school on Independence Day.


Elder Sister (Priya): Hey, Diya, Independence Day is coming up, and I was thinking you should read a patriotic poem in your school’s celebration!

Younger Sister (Diya): Oh, I don’t know, Priya. I feel nervous speaking in front of the whole school.

Priya: Don’t worry, Diya! You have such a beautiful voice, and I know you’ll do great. Plus, it’s a wonderful opportunity to show your love for our country.

Diya: But what if I forget the lines or make a mistake?

Priya: It’s normal to feel a little nervous, but you’ve practiced the poem so well. Remember how mom and dad praised you when you recited it at home? You were amazing!

Diya: Thanks, Priya. But what if the other kids laugh at me?

Priya: Oh, they won’t! Everyone will be so proud of you for sharing such a meaningful poem. Besides, you’re doing this for our country, not to impress anyone. Your confidence will inspire others too!

Diya: You really think so?

Priya: Absolutely! Trust me, when you finish reciting that poem, you’ll see how proud everyone will be, especially mom, dad, and me. We’ll be cheering you on from the audience!

Diya: Okay, I’ll give it a try. I hope I can make everyone proud.

Priya: You will, Diya, I have no doubt about it. Just remember to speak from your heart, and the words will flow beautifully. I’m right here to support you every step of the way!

Diya: Thanks, Priya. I’m lucky to have you as my sister.

Priya: And I’m lucky to have a brave and talented sister like you, Diya. Now, let’s practice the poem one more time, and you’ll see how amazing you’ll be on Independence Day!

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