LAQ : Explain what is resource?




Explain what is resource?


Resource refers to anything that is useful, valuable and available for use. It can be a physical or virtual entity that has the potential to fulfill a need or demand. Resources are the inputs for any kind of activity or production. They can be natural or human-made, and renewable or non-renewable.

Natural resources include air, water, land, forests, minerals, petroleum, natural gas, etc., whereas human-made resources include machinery, tools, buildings, etc. Renewable resources include solar, wind, water, geothermal energy, whereas non-renewable resources include coal, oil, natural gas, etc.

Resources are classified based on their availability, accessibility, and potential for use. Some resources may be abundant in one area but scarce in another, and some may be available but too costly to extract or utilize. Therefore, resources must be managed sustainably to ensure their availability for future generations.

Effective management of resources involves identification, quantification, development, and utilization of resources. This process involves the adoption of sustainable practices to maximize their benefits and minimize their negative impact on the environment. Conservation of resources is crucial in maintaining ecological balance and preventing depletion of natural resources.

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