SAQ : How are erosional plains formed on Earth?




How are erosional plains formed on Earth?


Erosional plains are formed by the erosion of existing landforms, such as mountains, plateaus, and hills. Over millions of years, the forces of nature, such as water, wind, and glaciers, wear away the rock and soil, leaving behind a relatively flat surface.

There are two main types of erosional plains:

  • Peneplains: Peneplains are formed by the combined action of rivers, streams, and other agents of erosion. Over time, these agents erode the land until it forms a gently rolling surface. Peneplains are often found in areas that have been uplifted and eroded multiple times.
  • Pediplains: Pediplains are formed by the action of wind erosion. Wind erosion is most effective in arid and semi-arid regions, where there is little vegetation to protect the soil. Pediplains are often characterized by a layer of pebbles and gravel on the surface, which is left behind after the finer soil particles have been blown away.

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