LAQ : What is an alternation of generation? Explain the alternation of generation in fern



Alternation of Generations:

A life cycle where plants alternate between haploid (n) and diploid (2n) generations, involving both gametophyte and sporophyte stages.

Alternation of generation

Alternation of Generation in Fern:

  1. Sporophyte Stage (2n): The dominant stage. Sporophytes produce spores through meiosis in structures called sporangia.
  2. Spore Formation: Spores are released and develop into a gametophyte.
  3. Gametophyte Stage (n): The gametophyte produces gametes (sperm and eggs) through mitosis.
  4. Fertilization: Sperm fertilizes an egg, forming a zygote.
  5. Embryonic Sporophyte: The zygote develops into a new sporophyte, completing the cycle.

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